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The 4th little pig would’ve built with steel.

More Durable than Straw

Quality, all-steel CECO Building Systems building are built to last. Steel’s strength and resistance to fire and structural failing provide you with a building that is both secure and practical.

More Affordable than Wood

Steel saves money over wood when it comes to construction and maintenance costs. A steel building will never rot, burn, or take damage from pest – limiting insurance costs as well.

More Flexible than Brick

Anderco offers customized steel buildings to suit your needs and tastes. And if your needs change, our steel structures can easily be modified or expanded.








Are your steel buildings environmentally friendly?

Yes. Anderco uses roof and wall panel systems, structural members and other steel products that are virtually 100% recyclable and contain between 30%-50% or more recycled material. In addition, metal roof and wall panels help reduce waste due to their unmatched durability and resistance to fire, wind and insects. Our Ceco Ceco Building Systems can even help you earn specific credits toward certification with the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system.

What types of framing systems does Anderco offer?

Anderco fits the framing system to the project. The primary and secondary frames, as well as the building bracing, are custom-designed to meet both building codes and project specifications, including wind and seismic load requirements.

What types of paneling systems does Anderco offer?

Anderco can provide a wide variety of both single skin and insulated metal panel systems for both roof and wall applications. For your roof, we offer four standing seam metal systems and one ribbed panel system. For your walls, we have four standard single skin metal wall systems to enhance the appearance of your structure. In addition, we can supply a number of different insulated metal panels for both roof and wall applications, which offer a multitude of benefits, including enhanced energy performance and cost savings for your building.

What are my options for the look of my building’s exterior?

Anderco specializes in customizing your project to your needs and tastes. Exterior finished like Aluminum Composite Material (ACM), Insulated Metal Panels (IMP) and Exterior Insulation and Finish System (EIFS) in a variety of styles and finishes can give great curb appeal to your building. Ask your Anderco representative for a look at our full line of finish options.

Will My Steel Building Rust?

They would…if the metal components were left uncoated. Today’s metal building components typically don’t leave the manufacturing floor without at least one type of protective coating to make the surface of each piece rust resistant. Uncared for over the years, you could see some rust. Ask your representative form Anderco Buildings and they will explain this process and how the materials are designed for low to no maintenance for years.

What Type of Foundation Do I Need?

Typically, you would want a floating foundation (also known as floating slab or just slab). This is the most popular option for most commercial and industrial buildings. It’s a concrete slab with a continuous grade beam. Anderco Buildings has you covered with their dedicated concrete expert team

How long does it take to erect a steel building?

The length of time is not a set-in stone thing. Due to variations of sizes and the complexity of the structure time will and do vary. The below are estimates (only estimates, based on a perfect scenario. This means all the foundation requirements are met and are on time. That the delivery of materials happens on time. We also work around the good old “Mother-Nature”.  Weather will also be a factor. Especially inclement weather with wind and precipitation.)

Please discuss the timeline you are working towards with your ANDERCO BUILDINGS Representative. They will guide you and inform you of the expected time line for a completed structure being raised.

This is a general idea about erection times under ideal conditions and circumstances:

  • 40’ x 60’ x 12’ erects in about five- six days to assemble
  • 60’ x 100’ x 16’ erects in about seven-eight days to assemble

Are they cheaper than traditional building?

In most cases they sure can be. But one thing is true, any project big or small can cost a substantial amount of money, depending on the design and specialty options.  Steel does offer the best durability, flexibility, and significant cost savings of most any other building materials on the market. Ask your Anderco Buildings Representative about the differences in materials. They will be able to help you through the entire process.

Can you expand steel buildings?

Steel building additions are cost-effective and easy to implement. Almost any steel building can be expanded, creating added space for expanded business, adding onto sports complexes, and metal buildings are ideal for distribution centers, allowing them to grow and develop along with the business’s size. Building with Anderco Buidlings you will be able to ask them anything. Even doing future expansions. They will help you design the initial structure to allow for growth.

Can I Make My Steel Building Look More Traditional?

There are many ways to make your steel building structure look more traditional. You can customize a metal building to make it look like anything you want.  Exterior finishes such as Stucco, Brick just to name a couple, can be applied. Just ask Anderco Buildings about these options. They will help you make an informed decision.


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